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Travel The Whole World

I’m someone with a huge passion for adventure and world travel. My website currently has 7,885 pictures (yes I keep exact track) taken in over 50 countries from all 7 continents, including five of the Seven Summits I climbed.

I have a dream of visiting every country in the world and will try my best to share my travels through photos and personal experiences.

I’m also trying to raise money for future expeditions and have put up a few photos of my for sale, you can view them here. I hope to one day do a long trip lasting six months or more. While this will require planning everything from backpacking travel insurance, to saving up for the next few years and returning back to a normal life, it’s something I hope to make a reality before I settle down.

Next Three Possible Trips

Mt. Everest

This is a big dream of mine, and probably not exactly realistic as my next trip, but more and more I’m trying to make this trip happen as soon as possible. I’ve got a long way to go financially with this but am doing everything I can. As I turned 33 in June and am only getting older, I’m starting to worry that this night never happen! The financial challenges are the biggest but getting months off with is a close second. I think I’ll know more details this September or October. Things like Designer Travel Bags for Men or other travel luxuries minus my camera will still have to leave behind!


At my home I have a scratch off world map that makes it easy to see where I’ve been and where I haven’t. I feel like I’ve done quite a bit of traveling in Africa but when I look at my map it tells me otherwise. As far as my most dangerous countries go, I could do a trip to the Congo where I’d love to see active volcanoes and mountain gorillas. Even more exotic than that would be a trip to Madagascar! So many places to choose from…

The States

In July 2014 I finished my quest to visit all 50 states!! Now just because I’ve been to every state now doesn’t mean that I’ve been to all or even half of all the cities and special places. I have a lot left to see, and look forward to continuing domestic trips. While traveling through the states I’m able to stay with friends, go camping, or book hotels through www.booked.net. This makes traveling easy so maybe next I’ll go to the Everglades or the Rockies.

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