Traveling in Norway

Traveling in Norway

Norway; the most expensive country in the world! After already visiting Sweden and Finland on this trip, I arrived to Norway expecting things to be similar in price but was in for a surprise. Actually, transportation and accommodation wasn’t that much more, but the restaurants and some other services were priced about three to four times what you’d pay in the US. I won’t deny that the high expenses of traveling in Norway removed some of the happiness from my trip, but there are plenty of special places in the country to help make up for this. I visited Norway in the winter with my focus in the arctic. The reason for going so far north during the winter was to see the northern lights and experience some other unique adventures.


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Norway-Tromso-Arctic-Cathedral-Skull Norway-Tromso-Polaria-Seal
The world’s second largest city in the arctic, Tromso is the perfect place to stage your adventures in the extreme north. Be prepared to signifcantly reduce your life savings; the city itself has some of the most expensive restaurants and services on the planet! Some must do activities in the city are the tram ride to a mountaintop overlooking the city and visiting the Polaria museum.

Arctic Adventures

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Norway-Tromso-Fjords-Whale-Tour Norway-Tromso-Northern-Lights
Norway is one of the best countries in the world for arctic adventures. With the most northern communities on earth, you’ll find lots of infrastructure to support everything from whale watching to hunting the Northern Lights in the winter, to polar bear watching and hiking in the summer.


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Norway-Trondheim-Cathedral-Front Norway-Trondheim-Night
Norway’s third largest city, Trondheim is famous for its medieval Nidaros Cathedral, art museums and its old town district. The Nidaros cathedral was once the most important religious site in northern Europe drawing in pilgrims from neighboring countries. Trondheim is also an excellent place to base yourself for a visit to some of Norway’s most beautiful fjords.