About Me

About Me

Thanks for stopping by! My name is George Kashouh, and I have a dream of visiting every country in the world and will try my best to share my travels through photos and my personal experiences. As you know, the world is a beautiful and amazing place and for well over a decade now I’ve been doing my best to see as much of it as possible. My website has over 9,000 photos taken from cities and towns, mountains and oceans all over the world. Photos will always be my primary way of sharing my experiences, but I’ve also begun to add videos as well.

Myself in Nepal
My adventures started off light, with a trip to Costa Rica and then a year later to Peru while I was still a teenager. Immediately after graduating high school, I essentially used what was my life savings at that point to travel to Africa and climb Kilimanjaro, beginning my quest to climb the highest mountain on every continent. After five years in the Marines, I once again used most of my life savings to do a trip around the world, completing my goal to visit all seven continents. Since my travels began, I’ve been to over 70 countries and have climbed six of the Seven Summits including Mt. Everest!

About My Mission


For most of my life I’ve always dreamed of some unique adventure of a lifetime or special challenge I could overcome. It just seemed that everything in this world had already been done by people thousands of times over. There are no new unexplored countries or uncharted islands to discover, the highest mountains have all been climbed, and the first person to reach the north and south poles accomplished this well over a century ago. One day in November 2006 while I was hiking in Ecuador, I realized how much traveling was my passion. Ecuador was amazing, but it was just one out of over 200 countries in the world. Traveling to every country on the earth wasn’t a new idea yet it still appealed to me. It’s certainly a lifelong goal that seemed a bit overwhelming. Even if I visit a new country every few months it would take over 40 years to accomplish this goal. And how many people can afford an overseas vacation every few months much less get the time off work consistently for four decades? Despite the time and financial challenges, the dangers of visiting war torn and remote countries, and the impact it would have on my personal life, I suddenly felt like this was something I had to purse. I also plan to take this goal a step further, by visiting the most interesting places in all countries (never crossing the border just to say I’ve been there), climbing the highest mountains on each continent, and posting my photos and stories. Since I returned from that trip in 2006 I have never given up and have stayed passionate about my goal.

About Media Coverage


Lately I’ve done some expeditions and travels that have gotten some recognition by media organizations. My most recent summit of Mt. Everest was featured on a brief interview on Good Morning Washington, with interest of follow ups on some of my future expeditions.

About Photography


After returning from a few early trips and being annoyed by the horrible photos I took with my cheap camera, I finally gave in and invested in a decent camera. The more I traveled the more photography grew on me. I’ve stuck with Nikon for nearly seven years and currently shoot with a Nikon D800. Every single photo on this web site was taken by me with no exceptions, unless of course I’m actually in the photo itself. All photos on this site have also been re-sized and their quality significantly lowered. I have begun to attempt to sell some of my best photos as a means to raise money for future adventures such as mountain climbing or polar expeditions.
Click here to see prints that are for sale. Nearly all photos are available; if you would like more information contact me at George@travelthewholeworld.com.

About Dangerous Countries

George Kashouh PakistanUnfortunately the world has many dangerous countries… and unfortunately I have no choice but to try to visit every single one of them. In 2007 I had posted on my website that I don’t go out of my way to travel to dangerous places but my philosophy on this has changed. Since I am serious and dedicated about my goal to visit every country in the world I reason that the older I am the less likely it is for me to visit hot spots around the globe. If I’m 35 and married with kids is it realistic that I’ll take some time off to backpack a war zone? More than likely my ambitions by then would have changed. Even if they haven’t, it would be selfish of me to risk my life while my family wonders if they will ever see me again. In most dangerous countries the longer you’re there the more likely you are to die, therefore I try to do the things on my list for those places in minimal time. The US state department currently publishes a list of about 30 countries to avoid travel to. This is somewhat of a guide for me but normally I base what I think is dangerous on my own personal situation. Since I have no ambitions to get myself killed I will never blindly arrive to a dangerous country. Finding a reliable contact on the ground in places where most do not have internet and their motives might be in question can be very difficult. I have backed off on several trips simply because I didn’t have confidence. I think I’ve been doing a good job with knocking these places out and certainly look forward to having nothing but ideal destinations left!