The purpose of this page is to list all sponsors and affiliates. I have done all of my travels on my own and will continue to support myself on all future backpacking trips. However, with my most recent climb of Carstensz Pyramid, the two remaining mountains I have left are beyond my financial means. I am now seeking sponsorship from companies, support from the local community, and donations from friends and family. I will need to get very creative with ways to raise money for such expeditions to Antarctica and Mt. Everest!

My Remaining Expeditions

Mt. Everest

Expedition Cost: $55,000 – 10% Raised!
If I’m ever lucky enough to set foot on Mt Everest, this will likely be my life’s greatest challenge! I’ve officially started to try to raise funds for an expedition in 2015. Please visit my gofund me page by clicking here. Thanks for your support!

Vinson Massif

Expedition Cost: $45,000.
As I only have two mountains remaining to complete my dream the next challenge on my quest would be an expedition to Vinson Massif. This is the highest mountain of Antarctica with an expedition cost $40,000. If you add international airfare, new gear I’ll need among other expenses you can easily see how the true cost will exceed $45,000. So far I have raised a reasonable amount of funds and while this is exciting I still have a long way to go!

Ways To Support



Order my photos! I have put some of my best photos up for sale as one of several ways to raise money. Pricing ranges from only a few dollars for a small print or post card to much larger prints.