Traveling in Mexico


In my mind there is no doubt that Mexico is one of the world’s greatest travel destinations. From the crazy parties of Cancun, to the busy streets of Mexico City, to the the quiet historical pueblos across the country there is something here for everyone. Even when it comes to the outdoors, Mexico is known for having some of the best diving in the world. This isn’t even limited to the ocean, some of the earth’s most unique diving spots are wells found in the middle of the desert that open up to giant caverns teeming with wildlife. Further more Mexico has the third highest mountain in the continent as Orizaba falls less than a 1,000 feet short of Africa’s Kilimanjaro. Unfortunately this great country has had its reputation ruined by the drug war which has given the country some of the highest murder rates in the world. It was interesting to me that on this trip I didn’t come across any Americans or Europeans! All the other travelers I met where from Latin American countries. Mexico’s golden years where in the 1950s and 1960s, and hopefully peace and stability will return. If you’ve read my most dangerous countries section, you’ll see that several people suggest that I add Mexico to the list. Although the cartels are some of the most ruthless people on earth, I just don’t believe they have any desire or reason to direct resources to target travelers. So with that said, I believe that in regards to traveling, Mexico is like visiting any other nation. Just don’t buy drugs or put yourself in sketchy neighborhoods!

Mexico City

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As the largest city in the world, and third largest metropolis in the world, you can only begin to imagine how many things there are to do here. Mexico City offers a everything you’d expect in a big city. From those scary neighborhoods to modern skyscrapers you can find nightlife, luxury, adventure, and some of the best history in the country.


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Plaza Garibaldi is one of the most famous places in Mexico City, and there is so much going on here I thought it deserved its own page. The plaza and neighborhoods around it are known for their bars and clubs, live music and shows, and specifically the mariachi bands. During all hours of the day and night you’ll find some excitement here!


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Nicknamed the City of Eternal Spring, Cuernavaca is known for its perfect year around weather. Several of Mexico’s movie stars and elite take up residence in Cuernavaca. As this area was recognized as important from the Aztec period, several historical places are here to explore.


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Taxco is one of Mexico’s most beautiful and picturesque cities. Famous for its hills and old fashioned cars, Taxo is also filled with art, museums and beautiful cathedrals. Originally the city became rich of the silver mines in the area, so Taxco is lined with shops and street vendors selling silver.


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2,000 years ago, Teotihuacan was one of the largest cities in the world during its time. Peaking with a population of over 1250,000 people, Teotihuacan will forever be the largest city in the new world before the arrival of Europeans. The remains of Teotihuacan are left in some of the largest pyramids in the New World, large residential complexes, and several mystical statues and relics left behind.

Rio Grande

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The famous Rio Grande is what separates Mexico from the United States. From movies and stories to the controversy of the drug trade, the Rio Grande is a place of natural beauty and danger.