Traveling in United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates

Normally referred to as the UAE, or even sometimes after its most famous city Dubai, the United Arab Emirates is a country that seemed to go from non existent to one of the most visited places in the world. Like many countries in the middle east, the UAE was wealthy ever since the world began to depend on oil. What makes the UAE unique is that its awareness that oil is a finite resource. This encouraged the country to open its doors to the rest of the world and attempt to diversify its economy instead of solely base it on a single commodity. Soon after, companies invested heavily and began to build some of the most unique and outrageous hotels and attractions the world has ever seen. By 2025, some are even so bold to say that the UAE will become one of the world’s top tourist destinations.


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Quickly moving to the number one tourist destination in the world, Dubai has some of the most luxurious hotels in the world with numerous others being constructed. The tourist boom in Dubai is fueling dozens of unique attractions, some include an underwater hotel to the highest building and structure in the world. Aside from the beautiful beaches and hotels, wealthy travelers also come to Dubai to enjoy activities such as sailing, scuba diving and even an indoor ski resort.

Abu Dhabi

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Abu Dhabi

Settled as early as 3,000 BC, Abu Dhabi hasn’t seen much change until it recently grew to one of the richest cities in the world. Billions and billions upon billions of dollars have been invested into the capital. Although the nearby resort city of Dubai steals most of the attention, Abu Dhabi has many impressive sights, cultural attractions and luxury hotels of its own. As the true capital of the country, Abu Dhabi isn’t much of a tourist destination but still has no shortage of life and luxury just the same.

Al Ain

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Considered to be the cultural capital of the country, Al Ain is located in the extreme south of the country on the border of Oman in the desert. Al Ain is UAE’s third largest city with about 600,000 people, who settled in Al Ain over a thousand years ago. Al Ain has several century old forts, museums, and archaeological sites to show what life was like in the desert hundreds of years ago. Keeping up with modern times, Al Ain also has modern forms of entertainment such as a sports center and even an indoor ice skating rink.

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