Traveling in Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Costa Rica; my very first country! I went here at the age of 16 armed a disposable camera and stayed with my old neighbors from Virginia. This trip was truly a great experience for me. Seeing tropical beaches, waterfalls, and active volcanoes for the first time was truly amazing for me. I have always loved the outdoors so what I looked forward to most on this trip was visiting the rainforests. My friends in Costa Rica may not have realized it, but this trip to Central America was so amazing to me that it’s what planted the travel bug in me. The first two photos below are of Costa Rica’s most famous rainforest. The lower right photo actually has a Tucan, but because of its small size you’ll have trouble pointing it out. I also saw several other animals in here including several poisonous snakes such as pit vipers. As Costa Rica is a special place for me, I’ll definitely have plans to return some day, and this time without a disposable camera!
Costa-Rica-Jungle Costa-Rica-Tucan
Costa-Rica-Water-Fall Costa-Rica-Big-Falls
In Costa Rica’s mountainous rainforests I came across waterfalls every hour it seemed. The waterfall seen on the left that is in the distance was one that I was just passing by. The waterfall on the right is a popular one called Los Chorros that is only reachable after a short but fun hike. A lot of people had hiked here to go swimming in the pool below. One guy even had a canvas set up and was painting the surrounding scenery.
Costa-Rica-Poas Costa-Rica-Turtuga
On the left is a volcano known as Poas. As you can see it is smoking and also has a very bluish liquid in its crater. Sometimes this lake evaporates but water is usually present. The lake is acidic and hot, with its temperature usually between 40 to 50C. I had visited Poas as well as Arenal. My trip to Arenal was ruined by bad weather, but I did spend the night at a resort where they had natural hot springs fed off from the volcano. On the right is a picture of Costa Rica’s Turtle Island. To visit you have to take a short trip by boat. Once there you can enjoy a variety of activities such as snorkeling, swimming, kayaking and more. I did plenty of swimming and snorkeling here but at the time I didn’t have a scuba license. There will be plenty more for me to do when I return!