Traveling in West Virginia

Traveling in West Virginia

West Virginia is a land locked state that is known for its great outdoors and for its small population. Within the state’s vast borders you’ll only find two two million people. That is considerably small being that there are several American cities which have higher populations than that. West Virginia and neighboring Virginia were once a single state, but after the civil war they separated and are now quite different from each other. Most travelers come to West Virginia for hiking and camping in the summer, skiing in the winter, and to visit the small historical towns.

Harpers Ferry

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The small town of Harper’s Ferry is most famous for John Brown’s raid against an armory in the first attempt to start a slave rebellion. This was a major event that happened just before the civil war. When the civil war started, both sides wanted to take Harper’s Ferry because of its strategic location, which led to control being lost and gained eight times as different battles raged in the town.

Spurce Knob

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Spruce Knob is the highest point in West Virginia at an altitude nearly as high as Denver, Colorado. The top of West Virginia actually receives nearly 15 feet (4.5 meters) of snow each winter, and is full of numerous trails and viewpoints on the way to the summit. For those who aren’t into hiking, there is a road that leads to the top of the mountain state, and an observation tower located on the summit.

Greenbrier Hotel

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The Greenbrier hotel is a 4 star resort located in a small town called White Sulphur Springs. The resort has many shops and restaurants, an indoor pool, bowling alley, and everything you could ever need. The real reason to visit this hotel isn’t so much for the luxury, but because the hotel was actually chosen by the US government to be the site of a nuclear bomb shelter for the legislative branch. The hotel has the secret bunker built into it which was unknown to guests for decades. The best way to visit the bunker is through the hotel’s 90 minute bunker tours.

Monongahela Forest

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West Virginia is most famous for its small population and remote countryside. The Monongahela national park is over 1,400 square miles, and is the best place to go hiking and enjoy the great outdoors. Lots of wildlife, including black bears, can be found in the park. The Appalachian trail which runs from Georgia all the way to Maine also passes through this forest.

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