Traveling in Namibia

Namibia is one of those countries that most people don’t seem to know much about, but in my opinion Namibia is one of the best countries to visit in Africa. The country has many attractions such as the second largest canyons in the world, the tallest sand dunes in the world, resort towns on the Atlantic ocean, and many national parks filled with lions, elephants, rhinos and more. Once a German colony, Namibian towns throughout the country are filled with German style buildings and homes. Most large cities even have Oktoberfest style festivals! Namibia is safe and most Westerners simply rent a vehicle and drive place to place as they would back home.


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Windhoek – Namibia was once a German colony with Windhoek as its capital. After World War I, Windhoek was captured by troops from South Africa who held onto the country until it got its independence in the early 90s. Today Windhoek is a mix of many people from ethnic backgrounds. The city is a very beautiful and peaceful one, located up in the highlands. Because of the city’s higher elevation, it offers cooler weather than the hot surrounding deserts.


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This city is where Namibia’s best beaches and resorts can be found. It was built by the Germans so naturally the city is filled with German architecture. Swakopumnd is a perfect place to take a break after hiking Fish River Canyon or going on camping safaris. The city of Walvis Bay is only a 20 minute drive to the south, and is even compared to California’s OC by some!

Etosha National Park

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When Etosha National Park first opened, it was the largest national park in the world. Although its original size has been reduced, the park remains another one of the world’s greatest places to view wildlife, and by far Namibia’s best place to camp. The landscape itself isn’t attractive, but the park contains hundreds of different species of mammals and birds in addition to unique species of reptiles and amphibians.

Namibian Deserts

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Namibia is full of desert adventures. They hold the third largest canyons in the world that has a 7 day circuit trail. The sand dunes Sossusvlei are also the highest in the world, with sand dune #45 taking the record at over 1,000 feet. Scenic flights over the sand dunes is a must. For snowboarders, Sossusvlei can offer you a similar challenge, try sand boarding!
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