Traveling in Rhode Island

Rhode Island

Rhode island is known to Americans for being the country’s smallest state, and for not being an island. Rhode islands call themselves the Ocean State, since no matter where you are in Rhode Island, you’re never more than a 30 minute drive to the Atlantic. That’s a bit misleading though, when you consider that Rhode Island is so small that 221 of them could fit into Texas, or 425 Rhode Island’s into Alaska! I’ve done two trips to the state, the first was during a horrible winter which didn’t leave a good impression on me. The next time I returned was for a more dedicated trip during the summer, and it was amazing what a different experience it was!


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Settled in 1636 by exiles who were kicked out of Massachusetts by the Puritans, Providence is one of America’s oldest cities. With only a population of 175,000 Providence is the largest city in the country’s smallest state. The capitol is home to some of America’s best history, such as the first Baptist Church, some of the country’s first schools and universities, and countless other landmarks and buildings. The beautiful city also has several unique districts with plenty of activities and night life.

Block Island

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The highlight of the state, Block Island offers Rhode Island’s best beaches, sailing, natural beauty, and peace and tranquility. The island’s history dates back to the mid 17th century when it was discovered and first settled by Europeans. With a coastline of only 17 miles (27 km), the entire island can be biked in a single day.


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Newport is a seaside city on the island of Aquidneck. Although the city is home to several major US Navy installations,
such as the Naval War College or Undersea Warfare Center, it is more known as a summer resort and beach destination. Newport is also home to dozens of some of America’s most impressive mansions, many of them are open to the public.

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