Traveling in Pennsylvania

Traveling in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is a large state in the northeast that holds some of America’s most significant historical sites, most populous cities, and some very unique culture. One of America’s largest and most interesting city’s is Philadelphia, where the Declaration of Independence was signed. Other major cities include Pittsburgh, Lancaster, and Harrisburg which all combine to make Pennsylvania the 6th most populous state in the country. The rest of Pennsylvania has smaller towns and farms, some vast mountainous regions and a 50 mile shore along the great lakes.


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Pittsburgh is one of America’s largest cities, and the second largest in Pennsylvania. Also nicknamed Steel City.


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Centralia, Pennsylvania

Allegheny Forest

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Allegheny, Pennsylvania


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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
One of America’s largest and most historic cities, Philadelphia is found only a few hours from both New York City and the nation’s capital. Philadelphia’s history starts in the mid 1700s when the city was then the capital of America. The city has one of the most significant historic attractions, the Liberty Bell was which rang to summon up the city of Philly so the Declaration of Independence could be read. Many start exploring at the museum of art next to the Rocky Balboa statue, for lunch you can try the famous Philly cheese steaks, and at night you can watch a play at the oldest theater in America.


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Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Another one of Pennsylvania’s historic cities, Lancaster also stands out for its Amish population. Lancaster was named after Lancaster, England and has the honor of being the capital of the United States for a whole day after the British took over Philadelphia. Many other points of interest are in Lancaster, but the most interesting is the Amish who are found all over the surrounding Area.


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Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Of all the civil war battles, the bloodiest took place in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania in July 1863. The battle of Gettysburg only lasted 3 days but produced over 50,000 casualties and was a major victory for the Union Army. There are now over 1,400 monuments and memorials on the battlefield today and a cemetery where over 3,500 Union soldiers were buried. Gettysburg Battlefield also has a large visitor center complete with a museum.


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Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania’s capital of Harrisburg is located on the Susquehanna River in the south central area of the state. Harrisburg is another great American city with a good down town area and plenty to do at night on the weekends. The biggest civilian nuclear accident took place in nearby Three Mile Island, one a partial meltdown of a reactor their occurred in the 1970s.