Visiting New York City

Visiting New York City

New York City
New York City is one of the world’s largest, so it goes without saying it’s impossible for me to cover it all on this single page. The city is broken down into many parts such as Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn and Manhattan. As a traveler I pretty much spent all of my time in Manhattan, since the other parts are for the most part just residential areas and there wouldn’t have been much for me to do there. New York holidays are great fun, if you’re into your shopping, looking at sights and interested in history. Above is New York City’s financial district located in Manhattan. Before 9/11, the world trade centers would have been part of the skyline.
New_York_NYC_Statue_Liberty3 New_York_NYC_Ellis_Island

When immigrates came to New York in the late 19th and early20th century, Manhattan’s financial district was one of their first impressions of America, you can imagine what that was like after spending weeks on a miserable boat in the Ocean. Another first site is the Statue of Liberty seen on the left. It was donated by France in 1886 as a gift to celebrate America’s 100th year of Independence and now is an American symbol of Freedom. Above is the Immigration Processing Center on Ellis Island that was used from 1892 to 1954, processing over 12 million people.
New York City WTC Visitor Center New York City Ground Zero MemorialNew York City Ground Zero

One of New York’s most tragic events were the attacks of 9/11 that destroyed the World Trade Center. The World Trade Center was a complex of 7 buildings and until they were surpassed by the Sears Tower they were the world’s tallest structures. This area is now known as ground zero, and is currently under construction as the new One World Trade Center is built. Above is a ground zero visitor center with a memorial to the upper right. Directly to the right is ground zero, the remains of the WTC in November 2007. By now, the tower is over 50% complete in height, and will reach it’s full height at the end of 2011. Projected completion of the tower is 2013.
New York City Empire State Building New York City Empire State Building Inside
Until the 1 World Trade Center is completed, the Empire State Building is once again New York City’s tallest building. The Empire State Building was completed in 1931, and was the world’s tallest building for 42 years until the World Trade Center was erected. On the right is the Empire State Building’s lobby as I prepared to go to the 86th floor.
Manhattan Manhattan New York
Here are some views of New York City from the Empire State Building. These views are mostly of Manhattan, but on the right you can see parts of Brooklyn across the river. I was very impressed by New York’s huge buildings that go on for miles. The only other place in the world that I visited and could compare to New York City is Tokyo Japan.
New York City Flatiron Building New York City Fire Escape
In 1902 the Flatiron building on the left was completed and at the time was one of the city’s tallest structures. Once a huge architectural achievement, today the Flatiron building is dwarfed by the surrounding skyscrapers that reach several times the height. On the right is a photo of a fire escape in another high rise building from a different part of New York.
New York City Pigeon New York City Squirrel
With all of New York City pretty much built over, the two pictures above are about the only wildlife you’ll see. On the left is a pigeon sitting high on a building with the city in the background, on the right is a squirrel.
New York Central Park Central Park
The only significant part of New York City that was saved from being developed is Central Park. If you can get a good view of Central Park from a high point it looks amazing seeing a forest in middle of a huge city. Both of these pictures above are from Central Park, a place where people go to relax, go jogging, or even ice skating in the winter. With millions of people in NYC, I was surprised not to see more people here.
New York Times Square New York City Times Square
Almost every large city around the world has their central square, such as Moscow’s Red Square, London’s Trafalgar Square, Tiananmen Square in Beijing and so on. For New York City, it has Times Square, the only district in America where businesses are required by law to display illuminated signs and neon lights. Most places here never close, and Times Square remains packed all night as people see MTV and other stations broadcast live.
New York City M&M World M&M Wall of Chocolate
To show a random store, here is M&M World located in Times Square, and is a large building where you can buy all types of clothing and toys associated with M&Ms or choose your own colors of M&Ms from their ‘wall of chocolate’ seen on the right. Times Square is basically like an amusement park for adults, and most people spend to choose their time here in while visiting the city.
New York City Battery Park New York City Street Players

Times Square has lots of activity, but in most parts of Manhattan you’ll find street performers, mostly playing music but with some doing dances and stunts. Trumpet on the left, and above are two guys from Peru, playing their traditional music.
New York City Subway

In terms of miles, with a car you would normally be able to get around any part of Manhattan or New York City for that matter in a matter of minutes. But as one of the most densely populated areas in the world, driving a car can be a hassle with all the traffic and stop lights, and taking a taxi will be expensive. The most efficient way to travel is using New York’s world famous subways or the city buses. The photo on the right and below show the subway tracks and then the inside of one of the trains I was riding in. I explored one of the dark corners of the subway and heard something fall to my right. It was too dark to see anything so I took my picture expecting to catch a rat, instead I got this dead dog, pig or cow thing? Being that I found this so close to the waiting areas, it kind of makes you wonder what other strange things you might discover deep inside the subways. On that note, there is a new law that allows passengers to stay on a train after it hits its last stop and switches tracks to turn around. This lets you view an underground station that was abandoned a few decades ago.
New York City Subway New York City Dead Animal
New York City 5th Avenue New York City Ice Skating
Outside of the nasty subways, the best place to go shopping or simply walk the streets in New York is 5th avenue. On the left is the GE building at Rockefeller Center. On the right people go ice skating also at Rockefeller Center, a tradition that started in 1936.
New York City 5th Avenue Church New York St John's Cathedral
Here are two churches I came across in New York City. On the left is a large church built on 5th Avenue. On the right is St. John’s Church of the divine located in the upper part of Manhattan. It claims to be the third largest church in the world, and was so big it was difficult for me to get it all in the picture. Honestly I explored it a bit and I didn’t find the inside very impressive at all. It was partially under renovation so maybe I didn’t give it a fair chance.
New York City Toy Store New York City Department Store
Above are people shopping in a department store on 5th avenue, on the right is one of the largest and best toy stores in the world, FAO Schwart. I’m not big on shopping, but just about whatever you are looking for can be found here on 5th avenue.

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