Traveling in Florida

Traveling in Florida

Florida is a favorite destination for both Americans and foreigners, with the city Miami actually being the number one travel destination in America. Some people simply fly into Florida while others arrive in cruise ships and some even make extreme drives from as far away as Canada! Two hours south of Miami are the Florida Keys, tropical islands that extend into the Caribbean sea great for beaches, sailing and diving. The year around warm weather also makes Florida an ideal place to build amusement parks. Florida has more amusement parks than any other state in America, with the most famous being Disney World followed by Universal Studios and Sea World. Also in Florida are some of the most luxurious and unique types of accommodations and facilities the country has to offer. On my personal list of places to stay in Florida includes an underwater hotel that is only accessible by scuba diving!

The Everglades

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The Everglades are one of the most impressive national parks in the United States. Despite being in the overly-populated east coast, they preserve an incredible amount of diverse wetlands. The Everglades are home to some of the most unique wildlife in the country. The massive swamps and cypress forests contain everything from alligators, crocodiles, the Florida manatee, panthers, and even the Florida black bear!

St. Augustine

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St Augustine

Jamestown is sometimes considered America’s oldest city since Britain’s first permanent settlement, but America’s true oldest city is St Augustine. St. Augustine was founded by Spaniards about 60 years before Jamestown and remains a small town with many attractions. Specialty shops and many restaurants line the streets in the town center, but the main attractions are the historic buildings. The largest is Fort San Marcos that was built to protect Spanish Florida from other European colonies.

Florida Manatees

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The best parts of Florida to see the manatees are between the cities of Gainesville and Crystal River. Manatees visit the natural springs in Florida during the winter, where they find a warm sanctuary away from the colder gulf of Mexico. In addition to the manatees, the forests and trails in the area provide some excellent hiking and camping.


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World famous for its amusement parks, Orlando Florida is home to Disney World, Universal Studios, and Sea World. Disney World Orlando is the self proclaimed, ‘happiest place on earth’, and is the largest and most visited amusement park in the world. Many people spend days or even weeks visiting the amusement parks, looking for Universal Studios vacation packages, and finding luxurious hotels for a relaxing accommodation. But still Orlando has more to it; international drive is the night life district where you can find bars, street performers and some of the most unique entertainment in the country.

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