Visiting Buenos Aires

Visiting Buenos Aires

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Buenos Aires Casa Rosada

Buenos Aires! Possibly South America’s most beloved city, and one that I’ve been to twice nearly 15 years part. Though I’m sure things have drastically changed for the locals, for me it was as an amazing city as it’s always been. Both times I visited the Casa Rosada building, so it seemed right that I started my page here. The is the house of the Argentinean president, which has seen three leaders since I first visited in 2005. I learned on my first trip and never forgot, that the pink color was chosen from mixing the two main political parties red and white colors together.

Buenos Aires Obelisk

I think with 15 years apart you’d have to live in a country for a long time to recognize changes on your own. Of course the obelisk has been here for a while, which strangely resembles the one in Washington DC. I’m not sure about the bushes though, I think those could be something new! The Obelisco de Buenos Aires as it’s called locally, was built in 1936 to mark 400 years since the founding of the city. It’s hard to believe but the 500th anniversary isn’t too far away, so I wonder if they’ll try to one up this monument with a new one elsewhere in the city. The monument is definitely a popular place to visit, and if you try to take a photograph you’ll always have someone standing in front of you posing for a photo. That is of course unless you come at 6 in the morning. But instead of avoiding people I figured to capture their fun.

Argentinean People