Coastal South Carolina


South Carolina Georgetown Pier
South Carolina Georgetown Restaurant

Outside of Myrtle Beach and Hilton Head, South Carolina has plenty of quiet coastal towns that are peaceful and quiet. The small town of Georgetown is located between Myrtle Beach and Charleston and has a historic waterfront that is a great place to visit. Above is the main dock along the water with a upper class restaurant covered in Ivy. Below are some of the restaurants that I thought where nicely built and fun to explore.

South Carolina Georgetown Restaurant
South Carolina GeorgetownPier Building
South Carolina Swamp
South Carolina Bird

The swamps are a good place to find wildlife and extend along the entire state’s coast from North Carolina south to Georgia. Animals range from water fowl to the American alligator and even include black bears. The surrounding photos show a ground bird above, a large pelican in flight and a painted turtle below. The painted turtle was a common animal sold at pet stores and are abundant in the wild.

South Carolina Pelican
South Carolina Painted Turtle
South Carolina Alligator

Just like seeing a lion in Africa or a grizzly bear in Alaska, spotting an alligator in South Carolina is the highlight of an outdoor trip. Alligators are actually pretty common along the coast and if you’re seeking one out they shouldn’t be too hard to find. This alligator on the right was actually seen back in Georgetown swimming along the docks. Some American alligators in South Carolina have been captured at over 14 feet in length! This one was only about 4, just a kid.

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