Traveling in North Carolina

North Carolina

North Carolina is actually one of my most traveled to states, especially when I was growing up. I have family in the Wilmington area and used to go almost every summer. Despite dozens of trips to North Carolina I still haven’t visited anything outside of the coastal regions such as the capital Raleigh, their largest city of Charlotte, or the great smoky mountains in the far west. Since I’ve made it to places like North Korea, Sudan, Antarctica, etc I don’t really have a good excuse for not seeing more of my southern neighbor. Perhaps in the next upcoming spring or summer I’ll do a camping trip to the smoky mountains or spend a long weekend in Charlotte!


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Raleigh is the capital of North Carolina, and one of the most developed parts of the state. With several nearby cities and half a dozen major universities here, Raleigh offers a ton of activities. Countless neighborhoods offer a range of bars and nightlife, as well as museums to college sports.

The Outer Banks

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Outer Banks

For over 400 years people have be going to North Carolina’s outer banks for its warm weather and beaches. The outer banks are made of up several barrier islands that are great for swimming, hiking, bike riding and camping. The island’s history began in 1587 when the British attempted to make a permanent colony in Roanoke Island, only to return a few years later to find the colony abandoned. A few hundred years later, the Wright brother’s first flight in a powered aircraft successfully took place in the Outer Banks, where a monument and museum is now located.


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One of the most historic cities in North Carolina, Wilmington traces its roots from the Colonial period when it was founded in 1739. It’s history continued into the Revolutionary as well as the Civil War when it was over taken by Union Forces.

Smoky Mountains

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Great Smoky Mountains

The Smoky mountains is one of the best national parks in the east coast. Boasting mountains over 6,000 feet, (2,000 meters), which are like Himalayan giants to the south east, the Smoky mountains have all kinds of outdoor adventures. The mountains are also full of wildlife, such as beer, deer, and even elk which are relatively rare in the southeast.

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