Traveling in Connecticut

Traveling in Connecticut

Like most of the states in New England, Connecticut is small and densely populated with lots of history. Only two states in America are smaller in physical size, but Connecticut ranks number 28 when it comes to population! Connecticut doesn’t seem to be a known travel destination for Americans, but on my short trip here not only did I discover plenty of things to see and do, I actually found myself needing much more time.

Visiting Hartford

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A very old city by American standards, Hartford was first settled by the Dutch and English in the early 1600’s. The Dutch abandoned their small colony after a few decades but the English where there to stay. Traveling in Hartford is about visiting historical places such as the old home and now museum of Mark Twain, America’s first public park, and the country’s oldest rose garden. Beyond the history, there are plenty of museums, nightlife, and other fun experiences such as seeing the city on a river cruise.

Visiting Gillette Castle & The Devil’s Hopyard

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Located in the center of Connecticut is one of America’s most famous castles. The late actor William Gillette who famously took the role of Sherlock Holmes in the early 19th century built his elegant castle here. The unique design and his personal story make it well worth a visit. He chose to build his castle in a remote part of the state, and just minutes away is one of Connecticut’s best state parks, the Devil’s Hopyard.

Visiting New Haven

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New Haven

Dwarfed by nearby New York City, New Haven might seem small, but it is actually filled with countless historic places and may even be America’s oldest planned city. One of the most famous places is the colonial Center Church built in the 1600’s which has a nearly 400 year old crypt in its basement. Yale University, and several other important places are located in New Haven as well.

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