Traveling in California

Traveling in California

I’ve been to California several times now, and even lived here for 6 months when I was in the Marines. The only major city I haven’t visited is Sacramento, and while I visited San Francisco I don’t have much to show for it until I return. On my most recent trip I visited the southwestern part of the state and for the first time went to Joshua Tree national park. The densely populated areas of southwestern California have almost an unlimited amount of things to see and do there, so I’ve only put the most famous parts on my website. When I return to the state again my priority will be to visit some of the central national parks and San Francisco and the redwoods up north.

Los Angeles

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Los Angeles

LA is one of America’s most famous and exciting cities. Many people trek across the country to visit Hollywood in hopes of gaining fame and fortune. Most of those who are already famous usually live in Beverly Hills, one of the most expensive places in the United States to live. Los Angeles is the second biggest city in America, and a large cultural and trading center.

San Diego

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Known for its great weather and friendly population, San Diego is one of the country’s nicest cities. With miles of beaches and good surf, many people enjoy swimming, body boarding and other beach activities all year around. It’s almost impossible to ever get bored in San Diego, but if that is ever the case then a quick drive south will take you to Tijuana, Mexico.

Joshua Tree

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Joshua Tree

Famous for their unique Joshua trees that grow in the South Western American desert, this national park is great for its dry scenery, wildlife and terrain. The large boulders and rock faces offer some of the best rock climbing and bouldering in the region.


Redwood National Park

Northern California is home to the famous redwoods, the tallest trees on earth! The national and state parks that protect the redwoods span over a hundred miles parallel to the coast. This vast forest is full of all kinds of outdoor adventures and wildlife. One of the most unique activities in the forest is doing the redwoods canopy climbing and zipline tours.

Crescent City

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California’s most northern city is a more of a quiet coastal town located along the Ocean. Crescent City is known for its beautiful black sand beaches, wild sea lions and seals, and for its proximity to the Giant Redwoods. For those not wanting to camp in the mountains, Crescent City offers a perfect place to enjoy the best of the local mountains and beaches.

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