Traveling in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is located in western Europe sandwiched between France, Belgium and Germany. The country is known for having the highest GDP in the world, although this isn’t so challenging when your entire population is barely that of a medium sized city! Luxembourg’s vast wealth comes from its strength in finance, making it one of the richest countries. Despite the money flowing through the country, a visit to Luxembourg isn’t as devastating to your wallet as Scandinavia, so travelers can actually enjoy the exploring the capital and beautiful countryside on a decent budget.

Luxembourg City

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The capital city also called Luxembourg is by far the biggest city in the country. Here you’ll find the best museums, history, and the only real nightlife. Some highlights are visiting the ancient fortress known as the Bock Castemates, seeing the royal palaces, and of course exploring the dramatic landscapes of the modern and historic districts of the city.


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Nicknamed Luxembourg’s Little Switzerland, Mullerthal has the country’s best scenery and outdoor activities. There are plenty of trails for hiking and camping, and even sport cars and bikes take advantage of the country roads that pass through the beautiful landscape. The most famous place in Mullerthal is the Schiessentumpel Falls, one of the most majestic waterfalls in Europe!


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A small medieval village tucked away in the eastern mountains of Luxembourg, Vianden is one of the country’s most scenic places. Over looking the village is the castle Vianden, Luxembourg’s most famous and beautiful castle. Nearby Vianden in the town of Diekrich is another one of Luxembourg’s highlights, one of the largest and most impressive World War II museums in the world.

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