Traveling in Italy

I’d say that Italy is one of the world’s top three favorite countries to visit. Well seasoned travelers I’ve met from all over the world usually name Italy as one of their favorite destinations. So far I’ve only made it to the north where I’ve hiked in the Dolomites and visited Venice twice. This small section of Italy that I’ve experienced is already enough to make me understand why so many travelers love this country. In the future I have plenty of places to visit such as Rome, Milan, and of course Sicily.


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Venice is one of the world’s most famous and unique destinations. Located in northern parts of the Adriatic Sea, the city was built centuries ago over several small islands with a network of canals and bridges. Venice is most famous for its beautiful architecture, medieval festivals and art work. In Venice you can find lots of modern luxury and some of the best restaurants in the world.


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The Dolomites are one of Europe’s most amazing mountain ranges tucked up in the northern parts of Italy. Many of the provinces here such as South Tyrol are completely autonomous with a German speaking population. For serious hikers and climbers, there are a number of challenging mountains to conquer. For skiers and just those wanting to take in the scenery, the Dolomites are filled with bed and breakfasts, world class ski resorts and an endless amount of trails to hike.


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Located at the foothills of the Alps, Milan has lots of fresh air and much cooler weather than many of Italy’s southern cities. The city is most famous for its Duomo Cathedral, which is the fifth largest church in the world and dates back to the medieval times. Milan’s enormous city center offers plenty of museums, restaurants, and historic places to explore.
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