Traveling in Haiti

Known for being the poorest and one of the least traveled countries in the western world, Haiti is probably the most interesting place the Caribbean has to offer. Like most countries suffering from extreme poverty few people seem to know anything about this nation outside of its problems. Haiti was created by the French who brought hundreds of thousands of African slaves during the 18th century. Within a hundred years the slaves banded together and staged the first successful slave rebellion in the western hemisphere. Their independence from France in 1804 made Haiti the world’s first black republic. With slavery at its peak in the new world, the concept of a nation run by freed Africans was unprecedented. Their early days as a country weren’t necessarily bright ones, but by leading themselves Haitians were able to hold on to their culture and religion; most notably their hybrid Creole language and their practice of voodoo.

Port Au Prince

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Haiti_White_House_Night Haiti_Port_Au_Prince_Museum_Tomb
The densely populated capital of Port Au Prince is located along the western shores of Haiti.

Cap Haitien

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Cap Haitien Cap Haitien
Haiti’s second largest and most beautiful city, Cap Haiten is located on the northern coast of Hispaniola. One of Haiti’s most famous resorts is located nearby, as are some of the most interesting historic landmarks in the country.


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Jacmel Jacmel
Jacmel is known for its beautiful scenery like its beaches and Bassin Bleu, as well as for its carnival that takes place each February. This colorful town is just south of Port Au Prince and offers a nice weekend escape from the capital.


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Sans Souci Haiti_Cap_Haitian_Citadel_Gaurd_House
In my opinion, both the Citadelle and Sans Souci make up some of the most important and interesting history in the western hemisphere.


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