Traveling in Sweden

Sweden is one of the nicest and most beautiful countries I’ve ever been to. As far as backpacking goes, it’s definitely on the expensive side but nothing that is too overwhelming unlike it’s western neighbor. My travel ideas for Sweden bounced around a lot, but ultimately I visited Stockholm and also went to a small town known as Are. Since this was a winter visit, I had planned a ski trip in Are along with plenty of arctic adventures. Most of those adventures I ended up doing in Finland and Norway. As Sweden is a completely different country in the summer versus the winter I plan to return sometime in the warmer months and enjoy some summer activities.


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Sweden-Stockholm-Night3 Sweden-Gamla-Stan-Royal-Palace-Inside
Sweden’s capital and largest city, the greater Stockholm area is home to about two million people. Stockholm is where you’ll find the country’s best museums such as the restored sunken warship the Vasa, the Nordic museum and more. Stockholm is up of 14 main islands, each with its own unique atmosphere from the old town Gamla Stan to the affluent Ostermalm.

Ostersund & Are

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Sweden-Ostersund-Museum-Painting Sweden-Ostersund-Center
Ostersund provides a great base to explore the small city itself as well as the surrounding attractions. Within Ostersund you’ll find the famous interactive Jamtli museum, which is one of the best museums in the country. Just 90 minutes west of Ostersund you’ll find Are, one of the most popular ski resorts in the country. Are is also known for its hiking trails that pass through the surrounding mountains which are enjoyable in both the summer and winter.
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