Traveling in Somalia

Somalia is often regarded as the most dangerous country in the world and I’d agree that Mogadishu is by far the most dangerous city on earth. But like all countries one or two parts regions don’t represent the entire nation. Likewise Somalia has several different regions to explore, some even travelable by Westerners like myself. Power in Somalia, is split up by various local governments and militias. I spent this entire trip in what’s known as Somaliland; the most stable region of the country. I still plan to visit the two other main regions of Somalia which includes the pirate controlled Puntland in the east, and the militant controlled Mogadishu area in the south. I even considered Puntland and Mogadishu on this trip but was told I’d need to hire at least 10 guards who would cost me $100 each per day and hire a second vehicle which would cost $200 per day. On top of that, I was told there was still the possibility that I could pay several thousand dollars for protection but risk the guards pocketing the money and turning me to militants! With no reliable support I had no choice but to put those two regions on hold.


Click here to see Hargeisa
Somalia-Hargeisa Somalia-Hargeisa-Taxi-Driver
Hargeisa is Somalia’s second largest city and the capital of Somaliland.


Click here to see Berbera
Somalia-Beach-Swimming Somalia-Diving-Fish-Blue
The coastal city has some beautiful beaches, and even scuba diving!


Click here to see Sheikh
Somalia-Sheikh-Mountain Somalia-Sheik-Road2
My road trip to Sheikh took me through some of the most beautiful land I’ve seen in East Africa

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