North Korea

North Korea is certainly one of the most unique countries I’ve ever visited. With some of the strictest laws on earth being forced upon its citizens this country has been effectively isolated from the modern world for decades. As a result this is probably the one place in the world that has remained independent of western influences and stuck to their own traditions and history. This is a country where most of the natives truly have no idea what the rest of the world is like. In these days there is no other country on earth like it. With the recent death of Kim Jong Il there has certainly a lot of tension in the country and the immediate and long term future is anyone’s guess.


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North-Korea-Pyongyang-Downtown3 North-Korea-Pyongyang-Children-Performance2
The capital of the most secretive country in the world! While Pyongyang lacks modern luxuries and any kind of tourist infrastructure, its isolation, unique culture, and focus on independence make this city one of a kind.


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North-Korea-Myohyang-Temple-Inside North-Korea-Myohyang-Bridge-Rainbow
Located north of the capital, this mountainous area is home to ancient temples, hiking trails and waterfalls, and North Korea’s Friendship Hall.


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North-Korea-Kaesong-Temple-Painting South-Korea-DMZ-Negotiation-Room
Located in the south, Kaesong is one of North Korea’s most historic cities and lies just above the DMZ.


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North-Korea-Nampo-West-Sea-Barrage North-Korea-Dancing2
North Korea’s most important port, the small town of Nampo holds the West Sea Barrage
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