Traveling in Chile


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Chile’s capital has experienced major growth during the past 20 years, and today is one of South America’s most modern cities. The city has many high rise buildings and a very reliable transportation infrastructure making it easy for tourists to explore the capital. Points of interest include the religious and historical buildings, as well as St. Lucia hill, where Spanish explorers held a ceremony to officially create Santiago in 1541.

Vina Del Mar

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With one of the longest coasts in the world, Chile has thousands of miles of beaches along the Pacific Ocean. One of their best beach cities is the famous Vina Del Mar, located less than two hours from Chile’s capital of Santiago. The city has plenty of sandy beaches to swim, world class casinos, great restaurants, and excellent night life.


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Situated in southern Chile’s Patagonia area, Torres Del Paine has some of the most amazing scenery in South America. The park is surrounded by some of the most dramatic towering peaks in the world, that is divided by beautiful turquoise rivers and waterfalls. A popular four day circuit trail takes hikers through the entire park, and is the best way to experience Torres Del Paine. Guanacos and other unique species also live in this sub-antarctic biome.
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