Antarctic Ice Bergs

There isn’t too much to say about ice bergs, just that I saw very many of them and they came in all shapes in sizes. Both of the ice bergs below are huge in size. There are no trees or people to compare it to, but the icebergs are probably at least 20 feet tall each.
Giant Antarctica Ice Bergs Giant Antarctica Ice Bergs Jagged Ice Bergs Smooth Ice Bergs
Above are two smaller ice bergs that were floating by. One is very smooth and rounded while the other is jagged.
Antarctica Big Ice Berg Hole in the Ice Berg
On the upper left, a large ice berg has become stuck after it drifted into a bay. I called the ice berg to the right, Hole in the Ice, because it reminded me of Hole in the Rock in the bay of islands New Zealand.
Blue Ice Berg Antarctica Ice Berg Rock Ice
Antarctica Ice Bergs

This ice berg on the right was one of my favorite. There was almost always an overcast while I was in Antarctica so the colors in the pictures didn’t come out as well as I hoped. As you can see, the main part of the ice berg is a flat piece of ice while it has boulders of ice on top. In between the boulders and around the bottom were almost neon colors of blue. Some icebergs are entirely blue because as water freezes it expands which compresses trapped gas inside. Sometimes the gas is compressed so much that it gives the ice a solid blue color.
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